About me

Anika, Founder Gedankenpause

Love what you do and do what you love. This sentence really means a lot to me, because everytime we love what we do, right now, we spread some kind of magical energy. We walk into the right direction, we are aware of it and we spread this energy all around. We are totally with ourselves. We are real. And in love. In love with our life. I am also in love with my life. In spite of -or more because of- it is crazyness. That is why I am practising the split every day. Hanumanasana. Not only on my yogamat, but also in high heels. I need that practise, because sometimes my home is a 5* Hotel in Spain for weeks, to work in a big team and organize a world dealer congress for a car brand. And in the next month I walk in India with my flip flops, teaching yoga in bamboo-built yogastudios. And I cannot tell you what I love more. The secret of the split lays in flexibility and balance. Beeing yourself as well in heels as in flip flops.

What people say about Gedankenpause

“We had the chance to spend two wonderful evenings with Anika during our „be healthy…“ weeks for employees at Rituals Cosmetics.It is not easy to fascinate and calm a crazy, lively group of women so deeply that you could hear a needle falling onto the ground. In her quiet and relaxed way she tamed us so deep that we all stayed with ourselves. It was not important that one leg was lifted higher than the other one. The usual stress and hustle and bustle of a workaday life was falling off of us.

 In hectic times like these, where we are all jumping from A to B, always under pressure, it is more important than anything to not only be there for others. Especially this important message we carried out of the lessons: you only can give energy and help others, when you are happy and clear with yourself.
Anika is really a wonderful yoga teacher, who can connect beginners with advanced yogis very well. She sparkles with energy and lust for life and you can feel that yoga isn’t just an activity for her.”
Ann-Sophie Bullerdiek

Human Ressources, Rituals Cosmetics Germany

Me, as a clear beginner, was really exited and totally hooked by our morning yoga sessions with Anika. It was a fantastic mode to starting the day, despite the very early wake-up time 🙂 I felt a completely different challenge for the body in comparison to my morning run, but I was positively surprised how challenging Yoga is and how I can reach my limitations here. Great Job, Anika, you did really well! You went into detail with every one of us and the different challenges we had. You explained the exercises in a very quiet and warm way and brought us smoothly towards our goals. Also the little philosophical touch I liked a lot.

Franziska Filter

Volkswagen Nurzfahzeuge

“While working on a project with Anika over 3 weeks I joined the yoga lessons from Anika at the beach that brought up supergreat memories. Every yoga class was like a little escape that brought back your energy which you need during such a long period of work. Anika guides through every yoga class with a special theme. In my yoga practise this theme brought peace and throws a different kind of light onto some issues or challenges that I have had those days. So you find yourself out of the stressfull business mood into a inner peace that defines a good yoga class.
You can feel that Anika is not only teaching yoga but also really living it.”
Maren Braun