Someone once told me that we do not need to look for books. They find you.
At least those that have to tell you something. That want to tell you something. And yes, there are books that have found their way to me. And I know they wanna tell me something. What exactly that is? I don’t know. I am not there yet.

You gotta know: I am not really the reading girl. I always ask myself „where do people find the time to read all those books“. So many books. So much time is requested. But I want to learn that, too. One of my favorite scenes is: to see my reading self sitting in a cafe on a saturday afternoon with a hot chocolate in front of me. Sunk into a book. Forgetting everything around me. This is a dream-moment. Happened once for real in this beautiful hometown named cologne. And it felt so extraordinary that I still remember this moment as one of the most beautiful moments I have spent with myself. Why? Because doing this means, I had time. Took the time. There was nothing more important than that place. That book. That story. In the present moment.

As I said … it happened ONCE. (To be continued …)

Bookshops I am counting to my favorite spots in cities. And libraries. And the library-bus that came to school every thursday, decades ago. To me those spots are the pure representation of TIME. Entering a bookshop gives me immediately a peaceful and calm feeling. The smell. And all this time that is hidden there. Time that it took to write all the books and time that it takes to read all the books. Those small book-shops that doesn’t belong to worldwide chains I like the most. Often a visit turned out to be quite expensive. I was holding on to that thought that I would be able to buy myself some time when I buy myself a book. Time and relaxation. So in my mind I was home on the couch, again a steaming hot cup in front of me, reading that book. Probably again a saturday afternoon. My dear friends … also that NEVER HAPPENED! I have 3 to 13 appointments on a saturday. The only day of the week, when I have time to get things off the to-do list. Reading a book??? When should I do that? But yes… this wish for serenity, for relaxation was still there. Always. Everywhere. Not just in cologne.

Book 1
David Wahl „Traité de la boule de cristal“

For example … in Paris. I got lost in the beautiful streets in the creative neighbourhood of Montmatre. It was a sunny afternoon in october 2014. Suddenly I stopped in front of an old, very old, book-shop. Fascinated by the old books in the window, I hardly realized that a lot of people were inside this treasure chest. And in the middle of the crowd there was one curly hair signing books. Ahum, you have to know, my friends, that after two weeks in Paris my french was still at a survival level. Though the frenchies … well let me say it like this: support, motivate, force you quite well in learning their language. And they do this by only using those 3 words „no english, sorry“. TOP. So I was stuttering questions to the frenchies around me, which made their face switch from enthusiastic (listening tot he writer) to irritated (listening to me). „Il es famoreuse?“ … „mais qui“ was the answer and so much more that I cannot report in this moment. Highly motivated, to finally develope a deeper understanding to this beautiful language I bought the book. Not without letting him sign and giving my promise to start learning french and let him be my teacher with this book. And STILL I am so curious what this book wants to tell me. Mais oui, I really wanna learn that language. Right after completing my spanish lessons. I want to reveal the secret and yes. I’ll keep you posted.

Book 2
Bruce Springsteen „Born to run“

The first time I met this book was at Zurich airport. I was on my way from an italian road trip via switzerland to re-pack in germany, before heading to india. During this italian road-trip I’ve met Roberto. A funny roman guy in his 50th who adores Bruce Springsteen. So far I only know Bruce Springsteen from „the streets of philadelphia“ or have met him in the „secret garden“. That’s it. That’s the story of Bruce and myself.
So far.
Suddenly in zurich I was starring at the biography of bruce springsteen. I took a picture of it, sent it to Roberto with the words „thanks for your greetings“ and that was it.
So far.
The book did not want to let me go. About 2 weeks later I met Arvid in goa, india. A swedish doctor for kids. We wanted to meet in a restaurant to go for some eary morning hiking. He was sitting there, already waiting and … reading. Guess which book was it?! RIGHT! I was starring at him. He said…. I am almost done. You can have it. When he was leaving about a week later he gave me that book to read and wrote something in it „Thank you for a wonderful week of friendship and truth…but sure you are born to run?!“. And that hit me. 508 pages. Nope, haven’t read it yet. But also for this one…. I’ll keep you posted.

Book 3
Elizabeth Gilbert, The big magic

Just a few weeks ago I was walking on sunshine through the small, tiny streets of naples, italy when suddenly I heard a rattling noise behind me. Something hit the floor. I turned around and saw….
Well you have to know I wasn’t on my own. I was traveling with Alex, a friend from Toronto, canada whom I have met first time two years ago in a himalayan silent retreat in india. In a silent retreat??? Jep. True. We met in the mountains and then again after one month in goa by the ocean. Danced into 2016. Saw each other shortly in Berlin for about 30min this year before he was heading towards Santiago de Compostella. And we decided to meet again after his camino-adventure. As he was walking the camino with very light luggage, he had hands free to carry my little trolley. I took the little one without knowing that is it impossible in naples to walk with a trolley. Now I know better. Anyway … I had Alex. And Alex had the trolley in his arms. Full of dedication he carried it towards the railway station. The two were a little to big for the small roads and it’s decoration from the shops. And … BAAAM!!! So when I turned around I saw Alex setting back up the little old wooden carriage. In this moment also the last books that were still captured in the carriage were falling out of it. The street between the parking cars was covered with books. Alex looking innocent, but fully awake, holding the handmade cardboard saying „ogni libro 2 € assuring the two oldies, but goldie gentlemen that he is fine and nothing happened. With the usual italian serenity in moments like these, we set it all back up together. I was a little handicapped, because of a fit of laughter I couldn’t get under control. When it comes to comedy of a situation I am lost. So I reached for only ONE book to put it back into the carriage. And I slightly read the title. As I understand italian way better than french I got a message. It said „Vinci la paura e scopri il miracolo di uns vita creativa“ (Conquer your fear and discover the miracle of a creative life). WOW. And it hit me. Again. I slowly stopped laughing. Paid 2€ to the 2 gentlemen and I was holding the book like a treasure in my arms. All the way to the railway station. To Sorrento, Amalfi, Roma and Cologne. And here we are now. And yes …. I am reading it. Yes, in italian. No, I don’t get every word. But the context. And it talks to me.

Be happy about every book that flies to you, falls into your hands, somebody gives you… it wants to tell you something. You just need to listen. Well …. and take time to read it.

Any visions?

Anika Kreimeier

Love what you do and do what you love. This sentence really means a lot to me, because everytime we love what we do, right now, we spread some kind of magical energy. We walk into the right direction, we are aware of it and we spread this energy all around. We are totally with ourselves. We are real. And in love. In love with our life. I am also in love with my life.

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