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Chakra Healing


Instead of ‘teaching yoga’ I call it: ‘Inspiring Yogis’

My yogaclasses are more inspirational than „teaching“. I believe that every body already knows quiet well what is good or not right for it. We just need to listen to your body. Learn to bring full awareness on it. I explain and demonstrate the base of the yoga asana during the praxis, but we more likely learn to let go to let it be instead of squeezing yourself into something that doesn‘t feel right. That‘s the same like in everyday life. We wanna be where it‘s gooood!

We practise together with a creative Vinyasa Flow Style – sometime with a few influences of Kundalini Yoga – this always depends on the group. Breathing techniques and meditation are part of the praxis. I love playing different kinds of music that support and motivate us, help us to let go and be HERE and also hug and calm us down again towards the end of praxis.

When you leave the yogaclass with a smile on your face and in your heart, feeling home in your body and bringing a peaceful and calm vibe from the inside to the outer world, then we have done everything right.

ayurvedic yoga massage

A touch that flows under your skin

This massage is combining passive streching and conscious breathing. A perfect treatment to remove blockages and let the energy flow again through your whole body. Muscels, fascia and tissues will be re-activated, streched and balanced as well. This will let you sink deeper into relaxation.

A small ammount of natural oil & pulver from calamus root are massaged into the body. it revitalizes your energy and balances your mental state. Rejuvenation, detoxing and a slight peeling effect ist he effect of this treatment. Dive into a deep relaxation of body & mind. Detoxing from inside & outside.

A gentle head- and face massage helps you to even let go of all thoughts and let you sink deep into relaxation mode.


The quieter you get the more you can hear

We are already doing it. With our laptops, mobile phones, kitchen machines, many other electric devices. We unplug and then we are not surprised, if it works again. This reset-button. Almost everything works again, when you unplug it for a while. Including you. So what‘s with your mind? Why do we open every day the windows of our house, but not of our mind to let the fresh air in? Because it is not so easy in this superfast, loud and distracting world. Really not easy. Sometime we even cannot find sleep.

I have learned some tricks that help and that I like to share with you. We start with our breath and then move overto techniques from Osho or Kundalini Yoga. By practising to bring simple awareness on our breath we are able to distract from the distraction and find our way back to our pure self. 

What stays after cleaning up, is a clear focus that brings out efficiency in your work and an inner serenity, which e.g. leads to deeper sleep, just to name a few benefits for your body and mind that you can catch through Meditation. Try it out. 

Available on request for private sessions or groups. Let‘s talk about it.

Also find some dates for Gedankenpausen here on my website.


Recharge with positive energie

This gentle touch is working with universal energy which is –to many of us- invisible. The effects and results of this healing method can be felt, but hardly explained. Maybe we also learn with this treatment that sometimes things stay invisible to us until we open our heart and our eyes for it.

Reiki is to release energetical blockages and encourage emotional or physical healing. This invisible touch is channeling and providing universal life force.

You don’t need to believe, just be open and let energy work for you.

Session approx. 60min

chakra healing

Release blockages and shine again from within

You want to unveal and discover your blockages? See want is hidden underneath your skin? You like to read the memory of all of your cells and re-programm it. Turn the insecureness into confidence, leave the pain into the past and focus on your future direction. Where intention goes, energy flows.

Through the Chakra Healing Session you will get the chance to release your energy blockages. A therapeutic and meditative way of deep touch. All over body work consisting of a gentle, precise acupressure of trigger points. It shows clearly the deep connection of body and mind. It may surprise you. It may scare you. It may overwhelm you. But overall: it will free you from emotional pain that your cells haven’t forgotten. accept the pain and let go by exhaling deeply. Shine your light again.

Session approx. 90min