Still feeling so happy and grateful when I think about the fact that I witnessed today some first-ever-in-their life-downward facing dogs.

For the first time I was invited up onto the roof deck of the company RITUALS to lead an „after-work“ yoga class for the employees. After-work. That means straight from the meeting room out to the terrace. 10 steps maybe. No period of grace. No break in between. There they were. Looking at me. With great expectations. Their heads still full of thoughts. The last phonecall, the person they have met, now a quick yoga class and then dinner plans for tonight…busy minds. Now what?! How can we tame and calm our monkey-minds from one moment to the next? We give our minds something else to do. We give them the breath. Observe the breath, maybe count, or listen to the song or set an intention for your practise. Let your mind be busy with this now and you’ll see, there is no more space for thoughts about past and future.

And yes, it became quiet. Silence. The body was sitting in stillnes and the mind followed. First we were breathing with a lot of effort. Creating awareness through effort, then it got more and more relaxed through the nose. In and out. All ‚shouldas’ and ‚wouldas’ and expectations were gone. We were just sitting in the here and now.

During their asana-practice there was no time neither for thoughts about the past nor about the future. They were challanged. The mind had a lot do: sorting out right and left., which hand goes where now, observing how you feel while flowing through downward facing dogs, upwardfacing dogs, three-legged dogs, triangles and sun salutations.

And then towards the end of practice they surprised me. Alltogether: After bringing their knees to the chest and nose, making themself supersmall and sent tention through the whole body, they relaxed into shavasana. And then they did something what I really don’t see very often. Only very relaxed, easy, in-the-moment-yogis, advanced yogis maybe do this. They relaxed into shavasana nad did not make any other movements anymore. No socks to put on, no blanket, they were not even laying completely on their mats. Feet, legs, hands … off the yogamat somewhere. The trees above us where whispering :“All is here. All is you. Just as you are now“. They were totally in the moment. And at least for that non-action, I fell in love with them. See you next week, you lovely peaceful warriors.

Anika Kreimeier

Love what you do and do what you love. This sentence really means a lot to me, because everytime we love what we do, right now, we spread some kind of magical energy. We walk into the right direction, we are aware of it and we spread this energy all around. We are totally with ourselves. We are real. And in love. In love with our life. I am also in love with my life.

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